Violin-powered dubstep, in an ice castle in Colorado

I’ll be honest. I don’t always dig other violinists’ “power moves.” By which I mean to say, the way that violinists move when they play often makes me feel funny on the inside. I guess I’ve always identified more with guitar players than other fiddlers (all the Jacks — Black, White, Bruce — I’m looking at you!). Power slides — and stage dives into the drum set — speak to me more than whatever it looks like when the average classical violinist starts to rock out. (Sorry, other violinists! How’s it going under that bus? Can I, erm, get you some water?)

Lindsey Stirling, however, tickles me differently. There’s a pixie-like charm, a genuine happiness that exudes from her as she struts her stuff in a real-life ice castle in Colorado. Riding atop from a well-produced dubstep bed, she busts some straight-up ballet moves, yo! Much respect, Lindsey, for pulling off some serious dance moves while seemingly keeping the groove up. (Admittedly, the video is a clear violin sync — her pickup isn’t plugged into anything.)

Lindsey, keep up the rockin’ videos (seriously, the cinematography is great in this, too). If you’re ever in the Bay Area and want to rock out with your violin out, hit me up and we’ll plug into some amps and crank ’em up to at least 1.5.

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