Rocking violin-powered cover of “Toxicity”

When I first found this video, I was chasing video links watching various badass rock drummers do their thing. Danny Carey, Neil Peart, Stuart Copeland, all my faves. Then I hit up Meytal Cohen’s videos of her covering badass drum parts. At first, the drumming was almost too perfect for me to believe that it was really her playing. But by the end of the first video, I was convinced. Meytal Cohen is a badass rock drummer. I’m not sure if she writes her own stuff, but I’d sure love to hear it.

How is this related to violin? Don’t worry, it’s coming. I picked this video because I love System of a Down, and wanted to see a drum video of Toxicity. What I didn’t realize is that two other badass women, Christine Wu (of LA Strings — she’s got enormous industry cred and is very nice to boot) and Jennifer Lynn (of Violution) would be accompanying on electric violins. I’ve met Christine Wu before at the Taxi conference, but I didn’t know she rocked this hard! Anyway, the cover is a really rockin’ version of this song and has a place in my metal and violin hearts.

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