Violinist, composer and much more

Since the age of 3, I’ve best expressed myself through the violin. I spent my childhood dedicated to classical music, and in the years since I’ve greatly evolved my repertoire. I love playing rock n’ roll, hip hop, blues, tango, break beat, jazz, classical, bluegrass, old-timey and more on the violin. Along the way I’ve whetted my appetite for variety by cultivating many musical obsessions: playing guitar, bass, drums and keyboards; composing in various genres; audio engineering and genre-specific production. I’m blessed to be able to synthesize all these passions into my composing work.

How can I help?

I can create custom-length tracks for sync, broadcast-ready stems or a string section or solo part for your composition. My job is to help you define your needs, meet your deadlines, and clearly communicate throughout the process. I’m very experienced working remotely, and will work with you to develop a workflow that best suits your project. If you prefer to work in the studio and with the engineer of your choice, that’s great too. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m also available for travel.

If you’re looking for music for your television show, music library, game or film project, or just looking for information and think I can help, please contact me. Even if I don’t feel that I’m a good fit for your project, I’m happy to recommend someone who is, or simply point you in the right direction. In addition to composition and production work, I’m also actively pursuing live gigs in the SF Bay Area that are a good fit for my abilities and passions.

Examples of my work

World / Irish

Son of Kilkenny
A poignant, contemplative Irish cue with violin and tin whistle
The Fields of Dunmanway
Drunk on Grandad’s Whisky
Macgillicuddy’s Reeks

Jazz / Hot club

Swing Set
Hot club jazz a la Grapelli and Reinhardt

Jazz / Lounge

Rum Runner’s Fancy
Sunday Morning at the Speakeasy

Jazz / Latin / Solo Guitar

Melancholy Guitar


The Ancient Sons
Dramatic drone track featuring moody, detuned violin straight from the Middle East (with Xoc)

Classical / Baroque

Chambermaid’s Folly
A baroque-ish cue featuring harp and a modern twist
Her Majesty’s Chambers

Video Game / 8-Bit

The Sunny Side
Retro 8-bit game music, with Xoc


Scragnum BO
A soundalike of a classic 80s TV show theme, written for a movie project with Xoc.

Country / Acoustic / Bluegrass

Pickin’ at the Pond
Wandering in the Woods

Blues / Acoustic / Delta

Slow Grind Blues
Low River Blues

Drama / Tension

Back Alley Madness
Low Tide

Urban / Hip Hop

Hard-edged modern hip hop instrumental
Chillaxasaurus Rex
Laid back, soulful hip hop instrumental
Cabin Fever
Melodic violin- and clarinet-driven hip hop grooves

Electronic / Break Beats

Falling Star – Original Mix
Break beats with an orchestral feel.
Falling Star – DJ Doja Mix
Doja from Cenobites twisted, thrashed and tightened my original mix and took it to a whole ‘notha level.
Pissing Behind the Bollywood Sign

Electronic / Techno/House

Electric Night
Techno Prisoners

Quirky / Fun / Upbeat

Happy Beginnings
An upbeat, quirky cue for television, with Xoc