“Damian Sol’s approach to violin in the studio is a refreshing mixture of playing what’s written but also being able and willing to step off the page, which is a rare gift. From orchestral music to pop music, his attention to tone and pitch makes him a valuable resource, as does his ability to switch between violin playing and fiddling. His genuine love and passion for music is evident in every note. If you need strings for your project, hire Damian Sol.”

Michael Rodriguez, studio engineer, San Francisco

“In my work with Damian I’ve found his playing is as superb as his attention to detail.”

Cliff Goldmacher, producer/studio owner, NYC

“Damian is a first-rate violinist who has the facility and versatility to play any style a composer could ask for beautifully. He plays with finesse and will breathe life into any piece you put before him. He is also a pleasure to work with and is willing to get the recording exactly as you want it. I highly recommend him.”

Vince Russo, composer, San Francisco

“Damian Sol is an amazing musician and producer. In my four decades as a studio musician I have been fortunate enough to make records with many well-known violinists and fiddle players, including Charlie Daniels. None have a thing on Damian Sol. I love the sounds he adds to my recording projects”

Beans Sousa, singer-songwriter, former guitarist for country singer Lacy J. Dalton

“Damian brings a depth of musical experience in a variety of genres to his playing, and his open collaborative spirit makes him a pleasure to work with. He makes it easy and fun to get top notch tracks on time and within budget.”

John Mazzei, composer, San Francisco

“I’ve worked with Damian on several projects and he always just nails things super quickly whether improvised or reading from a score.”

John Baccigaluppi, The Hangar, Sacramento, CA