Amazing two-cello cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck from 2Cellos

Wow wow wow. I’m so happy right now. These two guys just rocked my morning with this cello-powered version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

As a devoted rock/metal violinist, I’ve long shredded these kinds of lines on my axe. And these guys are doing it at such a high level — great intonation, wonderful clear articulation in the high registers, awesome stage presence — that I’m not even jealous that their YouTube video has over 12M views. I’m grateful that the cello (my favorite instrument… ssh, don’t tell anyone) is getting some well-deserved attention.

This level of musicianship takes a lot of careful practice and dedication. It reminds me of both my violin-flavored, indentured-servitude-adjacent childhood, and my free-as-in-freedom early 20s when I dove into the rock and metal genres. These guys are obviously classically trained, and they have a great feel with the rock stuff as well. The studio effects that are added (some looping in the middle, some light distortion on the hits and shredding) are all tasteful and well-executed, not at all detracting from the musicality or performance.

I’m not sure if this video’s audio was recorded live or they dubbed the video performance to a studio track (I suspect the latter), but regardless, I’m so damn impressed, and more importantly, inspired to pick up my axe.

Thanks, 2Cellos. Just… thanks.

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